Introducing Virtualstock

The Digital Supply Chain Toolkit from Virtualstock Limited.

Whether a retailer or supplier, Virtualstock has a range of tools to help you to:

  • grow your direct to customer sales channel (D2C),
  • reduce associated costs, and
  • maintain customer satisfaction.

Below you will find more on the features and benefits of Virtualstock - for both retailer and supplier users.

To ask for a demonstration, and to how to get on Virtualstock, please contact us.

What is Virtualstock?

Virtualstock is a modular SaaS platform that sits between the retailer and their suppliers.

Suppliers could be manufacturers, distributors, vendors or the retailer’s own warehouses or store network. In most cases these suppliers are fulfilling dropship or marketplace orders for their client retailers.

While Virtualstock has a range of modules and features, it has been predominantly deployed as a Dropship Solution.

Virtualstock allows the supplier to efficiently share up-to-date order status, delivery status and stock availability information. Virtualstock also has Invoicing and Price Management modules.

In addition, Virtualstock can be used for rich product induction - where the supplier’s product data is validated against the retailer’s data model, before it is published to the retailer’s systems.

Virtualstock is proud to have integrated Virtualstock into top 10 UK Retailers such as:

Virtualstock is recognised as the UK’s premium Dropshipping SaaS platform:

  • Supporting 20K+ suppliers & manufacturers
  • Managing 10M+ SKUs
  • 100M+ order transactions per year
  • Processing 2M+ hourly inventory updates
  • Supporting 35K+ active users
  • Working with 5K+ call centre users
  • Connected with 300+ international carriers
  • In UK, Europe and Australia

Features of Virtualstock

Virtualstock enables you to connect and control across your digital supply chain.

For Retailers

  • With one connection to Virtualstock you are connected to all your suppliers - no more messy point-to-point EDI integrations (requiring constant maintenance).
  • Virtualstock provides real time supplier stock availability - no more overselling.
  • Virtualstock provides order status visibility throughout the order lifecycle. Alerts allow you to manage supplier compliance.
  • With APIs to most tracked carriers Virtualstock provides delivery status visibility - allowing your teams to manage by exception and focus on problems.
  • Onboard your suppliers’ new products quickly and efficiently - significantly reducing product induction errors and time to market.

For Suppliers

  • Manually connect to Virtualstock by logging into the simple User Interface, or go fully automated with the generic Supplier API.
  • Simple tools to regularly provide your free stock position across your entire product range.
  • Update your orders in one place across all retailers you work with. Orders updated individually, in bulk, or through API.
  • Virtualstock updates you & your retailer clients with the delivery status of your tracked (direct to customer) orders. This reduces your reporting requirements and workload - allowing you to focus on the exceptions.
  • Efficiently upload your new product data against the retailer’s onboarding requirements - in the correct format (and first time!)

Benefits of Virtualstock

Virtualstock helps you to grow your orders and compete in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

For Retailers

  • Your Webstore has correct stock levels - so you avoid back orders and customer cancellations.
  • You have visibility of the reverse logistics journey - so you can ensure you are correctly credited for customer returns.
  • Your Extended Range Team has all the tools to measure supplier compliance and performance.
  • The Customer Service Team has full visibility of all orders & deliveries - they can answer WISMO calls instantly.
  • Your business has a Dropship solution that can securely scale, and the confidence to know customer satisfaction will be maintained.

For Suppliers

  • You stop taking orders for stock you do not have - and having to manage the fall out.
  • You have a platform to suit your team and their preferred ways of working. You can fulfil orders through the intuitive user interface, or build against the various supplier API options.
  • Your Customer Service Team has full order & delivery status at their fingertips. Virtualstock allows them to do more with less.
  • Your accounts team can easily flip dispatched orders into invoices - reducing errors and resolving disputes quickly.
  • Virtualstock helps keep the direct to customer sales channel profitable.

Functionality that gives you Virtualstock

Integrated, modular platform for Stock Management, Order Management and Product Induction.

Dashboard Summary:

Order status, delivery status and stock availability summaries at a glance - with quick links to manage issues.

Order Management:

Suppliers dispatch orders in a few clicks.


What is Dropship?
Dropshipping is where the retailer takes the order from the customer and passes it to the supplier to fulfil (direct to the customer). The retailer has no physical inventory. In most cases the supplier is in the same country as the retailer, and may be supplying stocked-in inventory (i.e. bulk orders to the retailer’s warehouses / stores) as well as offering a dropship service for an extended range of products.
What is Virtualstock?
Virtualstock is a cloud-based platform that provides a single, frictionless connection between suppliers and retailers. It gives retailers visibility across their direct to customer supply chain - including stock availability, order status and delivery status. Virtualstock has a number of other tools in its digital supply chain toolkit - specifically around Invoice Management, Price Management and Product Induction.
How do I connect to Virtualstock?
Retailers connect once to Virtualstock using our REST API. This allows the seamless passage of supplier, product, stock, order and invoice data between the retailer and Virtualstock. Suppliers can connect through flat file APIs (CSV over SFTP), or by building against our generic supplier APIs.
How do I get access to Virtualstock?
The Virtualstock Support Desk will give access to the Retailer Users. An Administrator User from the retailer can also manage access. Suppliers can be invited to register by the retailer, or the supplier onboarding process can be managed by the team at Virtualstock.
What does Virtualstock cost?
There is no cost to the supplier. The retailer is charged a license fee (dependent on the modules used), a support fee (dependent on the level of support required), and a monthly fee based on volumetrics (i.e. orders, invoices, or products managed).

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